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LGBTI Pathways will transform the quality and quantity of resources to LGBTI people around the world. This multi-year global project will identify and catalyze opportunities to increase and improve funding for LGBTI communities worldwide.

Together, and for the first time ever, LGBTI activists, philanthropy and donor governments from all regions of the world will create and inform actionable data. Pathways will align the gaps between newly-documented funding trends and the self-defined needs of LGBTI communities.

Goal 1

Increase the amount and quality of resources directed towards improving the lives of LGBTI persons across the world.

Goal 2

Develop credible, reliable and accurate evidence on the needs, priorities and funding landscape of the international and regional LGBTI movements.

Goal 3

Inform and influence grantmakers.

The journey there

LGBTI Pathways will undertake a comprehensive gap analysis on the state of global funding on LGBTI issues. It will do so through regional surveys of the LGBTI movement which will produce regional analyses of movement needs and priorities. A global meta-analysis will be the final outcome of the project.

Every stage of Pathways will be movement-led and movement-informed. Each regional survey and analysis will be led by a regional organization and advised by a regional advisory group, selected through an open-call process.

The Global Steering Committee, composed equally of donors and activists, will advise and guide Pathways throughout the duration of the project.

LGBTI Pathways Global Coordinator

Zhan Chiam (he/him) joins LGBTI Pathways after serving as Transgender Europe’s Deputy Director and founding ILGA World’s gender identity and expression program. He serves on two participatory funds and has a background in global LGBTI research, UN advocacy and refugee law.

LGBTI Pathways is a research project by ILGA World and Global Philanthropy Project.




ILGA World and Global Philanthropy Project are thankful to our funding partners: Foundation for a Just Society, Global Affairs Canada, Luminate, and Oak Foundation. Their contributions to the LGBTI Pathways Project are making this monumental body of work possible.

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